Shrooms as a Therapeutic Tool: Their Potential and Hazards

These fungi, which are sometimes called magic mushrooms, contain psychoactive components such as pilocybin or psilocin. The compounds in these mushrooms can lead to hallucinations as well as altered thoughts and other mental effects. There has been an increasing interest in the use of shrooms as recreational and therapeutic drugs. But the use of these mushrooms is not free from risks. On you can learn more.

History and Cultural Meaning of Shrooms

Many cultures have used shrooms for centuries. Since centuries, native tribes throughout Central and South America used shrooms as part of religious and spiritual ceremonies. Aztecs referred them to as teonanacatl. This translates to the “flesh or gods”. For centuries, in Europe shrooms were used as part of religious rituals or for medical purposes.

Shrooms are Psychoactive:

They contain the psychoactive chemicals psilocybin & psilocin which are capable of altering consciousness, creating visual hallucinations, as well changing mood and perception. These effects are dependent on dose, sensitivity of the user, and environment. In general, the effects of shrooms include euphoria.

Potential Therapeutic Potential for Shrooms

Recently, there has been a rising interest in shrooms as a potential therapeutic. Some studies have shown that shrooms could be useful in treating depression anxiety and addiction. According to a Journal of Psychopharmacology study, one single dose of shrooms reduced the symptoms of depression and anxiousness in patients who had life-threatening forms of cancer.

Recreational Shroom Use

Also, shrooms can be used to get high due to the psychoactive properties. Often, they’re consumed as dried mushroom, capsules or tea. It is against the law to consume mushrooms in many countries.

Risks associated with Shroom Use

While they have therapeutic potential, shrooms also come with some risks. Although shrooms have therapeutic potential, their effects are often unpredictable. They can also vary widely based on factors such as the person, dosage, and location. In some instances, shroom usage can result in panic attacks and psychotic events. Further, people who have certain medical conditions or are on certain medications may be at risk of harm from using shrooms.

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