List Of Best Carpet Cleaners

The carpet in your home is an important investment carpet care specialists. To protect and maintain the carpet of your home, you must find the most effective carpet cleaning methods. Carpet is one of a home owner’s major investments. Just like any major investment in your home, it is essential to maintain the carpet’s value. To protect and maintain your carpet, it is essential to choose the best method of cleaning.

Vacuuming your carpet regularly and cleaning it periodically with a particular cleaning method is part of maintaining its condition. Shampooing, foam cleaning or hot water extraction are some of the most effective carpet cleaning methods. The vacuuming of carpets is only to remove dust particles and to maintain the appearance of your carpet. The dirt in the pile is removed. Vacuuming must be done once every two to four weeks for normal traffic zones and once a month for high traffic zones. In areas with a lot of dirt or pet hair, vacuuming at least twice a week is recommended.

You should know the difference between different carpet cleaning methods before deciding which one to use. All of the methods for cleaning carpets have different advantages but they also all have limitations. It is impossible to say which method is the best. Every method is effective if it’s used in the right circumstances. Sometimes, different methods are combined for better results. Following are the most commonly used carpet cleaning methods.
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Steam Cleaning (or Hot Water Extraction Cleaning) – This method involves the use of a hot water solution that is sprayed directly on to the carpet. It is then extracted using a wet-vacuum. The soil will also be removed when the cleaning agent is removed. The hot water extractor equipment can either be truck mounted or portable. A truck-mounted unit has more powerful spraying pressure, stronger vacuum pumps, and higher heating capabilities. Hot water extraction carpet cleaners are also called steam cleaners, but that is a slight misnomer as the temperature of water can reach a point where steam is produced.